laritywork works powerfully
whether these stops occur in
oneself, in relationships, in life
direction, or in vocational or creative pursuits.  (To view client testimonials, click here.)

       larity is with us always.  It is with you now. But sometimes it gets buried under the dust of confusion and can be difficult to find alone. 

        verything is born of something. Every situation which exists in our lives is created, that is to say, has roots.

      he task of Claritywork is to
locate the roots, or "get to the bottom of It." "It" is the matter you bring to the consultation:

m blocks
m indecision
m inertia
m conflicts
m confusion





Text Box: Do you want to move forward, to live your best vision for your life? Would you like to experience more peace of mind? Claritywork can help.



 Problems that remain persistently insolvable should always be suspected as questions asked in the wrong way.    ~Alan Watts

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                                                   Kathryn Deputat, Clarity Consultant