Text Box: What is Claritywork?


  It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question. ~ Eugene Ionesco

magine walking around with your feet tied together.  You never look down, so you don't know the rope is there.  And you wonder:  why do I keep tripping?  Why do I keep falling down?  When we are blocked, confused, indecisive, conflicted, we are in effect forgetting to look down (i.e., within).  Claritywork is the equivalent of looking down, finding the rope, and ultimately removing it.

laritywork begins with your initial inquiry.  The practitioner will ask you what it is you wish to clarify, and may see fit to assign homework prior to the consultation.  This assignment begins the clarifying process and can save time in the session-proper.

laritywork is a process of revelation.  It requires willingness, honesty and frankness to ensure you get what you want from it.  The session proceeds as a sort of conversation (typically, client and practitioner each take notes when the other is speaking).  In the first two-thirds of the session, you do most of the talking, guided by the practitioner's questions.  These questions are shaped by your stated intention, your words, gestures, expressions, tone, etc. which provide what the practitioner needs in order to navigate, to see.  In the remaining time, the practitioner speaks, sharing all guidance as it comes.

larity workshops and classes are a wonderful way to benefit from and learn about this powerful work as well.


    with thanks to Jamie Sams & David Carson  


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Kathryn Deputat, Clarity Consultant