Thanks so much for providing the facility of listening to the recording. The repetition of the multi-conversation (You and I and the guidances you make connection with and listen to), moments of looking for the language to convey accurately, moments of silence and listening, how you build it, how you thoroughly gather the information you need, as if to help you climb the ladder of ascension. Revelations one wants to hear again and again…  Afterwards, I was dancing through the rooms of the house with freedom and relief.  

Well it's a fascinating journey to free oneself…Thank you!

B.S. - Israel



Kathryn was able, in the course of a two hour conversation, to separate all these issues that I had lumped into one unmanageable thing into each specific issue.  She clarified what I want and discussed what is stopping me from getting there.  I feel tranquil right now and loved, and so much happier than before we started the conversation.

I can't explain to you the sensation I have in my body right now.  It's so calm and centered, whereas for the past month I have been so scattered and uncomfortable.  The sensation is a result of getting clarity from Kathryn.

Melissa - Jerusalem



I did not know what to expect when I made an appointment with Kathryn, but my fear of the future and feeling unable to move forward brought me to her.  After just a few hours of answering Kathryn's questions, she got to the root of the matter and synthesized all of the information I had given her into a clear, whole picture of the situation.  She revealed that I had been burdening myself for years with guilt and false beliefs about my father that were unconsciously holding me back.  Suddenly it all made sense and I was free. There is no other way to describe it.  Her compassion and desire to help was evident in every word and I cannot stress enough how valuable the experience was for me: it was literally life changing. I am so grateful to have this situation resolved.  I believe that anyone else who is struggling internally can achieve a similar peace of mind through a visit to Kathryn. 

Liz N.



I was performing well at work yet I felt missing the profound sense of it, struggling for a couple of years to find what could fulfill my professional path. From Boston to Paris, Kathryn, your 3 questions led to an amazing journey: unearthing the treasure of my deepest motivations suffocating under a net of interferences, transiting through acknowledgement, acceptance, clarity, sailing on an energy flow in the direction of my polar star. I will never find words to thank you are simply a miracle!

A. G. - Paris, France



You have a gift for seeing the essential truth in a situation and for creating an environment in which a client can access her own truth.  I very much appreciate that.




Thank you for your work. It's different, special. I've done other kinds of therapy but they worked on the surface. Your work gets past that. It really works: the cloud of negativity has lifted. I'm really was a good experience. I would highly recommend your services.

I can't thank you enough.




I've had a lot of help over the years, but never got the clear focus I got from working with you. 

Carl Newlin, CT



I have been remiss in communicating to you the profound effect our session has had on my journey...  Kathryn, there have been a handful of practitioners in my life that have had a profound effect on me. You are now one of them. Thank you.

Suzanne Woodman - a grateful clarity client 



The work we did together was transformative and sacred. I am so glad we stayed the course until we reached completion. More than a month later, I continue to feel peaceful even though external circumstances have not yet shifted. Muscular tension long-held in my neck and shoulders has melted, along with feelings of guilt, confusion and doubt. For the first time I have astonishing clarity about my purpose on this earth and I am discovering what life is from this new place.  You are blessed with a unique gift that makes ClarityWork invaluable, worth far more than what you charge. I want to thank you from the depth of my heart. 

In gratitude, M.E.G.



Clarity work allowed me to listen to my inner voice and know that not only is that "okay," it is truly the only way I am going to find satisfaction in my life and work.  I am grateful--thank you thank you thank you for your good and gracious help.  I really feel like your help was CRUCIAL!!  It must be wonderful to use such gifts!



"I've had therapists on retainer for years, and never got this much!" 

Yvonne, CT



...I was desperate, in despair.  In five minutes, I got clear:  working is not the only way for money to come to me.  I never saw that before.  It shifted my whole concept about it.  I was no longer in a panic all the time; I was able to relax.  I could let things come to me.

[Two years later,] my life is relaxed and relieved.  It is a whole different world.  I have an underlying sense of trust and faith.  

Thank you!

Jaye Van Orden, Hyannisport




Thanks again so much for the follow-up session today. All of it has been incredibly helpful.  What you bring to this work is truly
different than any therapeutic work that I've done. Having been in the psychology field on both sides of the couch for a long time, there are hundreds of therapists I can think of. But there is only one YOU.  Thanks for your unique and powerful approach to helping me move past my blocks and open to the beauty and potential of my life.




Working with you and your technique of Clarity helped pull me through a very tight barrier I had set for myself.  Your insistence on clarity allowed me to see how I was sabotaging my goals.   Many thanks, and I will no doubt be back for more.    

Best wishes, 

Sarah Fuhro    



     It seemed I had talked in circles for years with different therapists.  I arrived for my clarity session with a heavy heart and a load of questions.   With a new focus on old childhood messages all the confusion dissolved in one clarity session.  It was like someone opened my eyes and gave me new vision, new hope and direction.

  ...I felt that my birthright to happiness had been restored. I left with a bounce in my step eager to watch my life transform into something better.  It worked.      

Gabriele R.                     



  Those 3-hrs last Wednesday afternoon occur to me as the culmination of 
  20-yrs of searching for self knowledge.
  The work of that afternoon has already changed our marriage remarkably
  and is prompting a conversation between us about a future that really works
  for us and those around us.
  [My wife] has not taken a 'pain-pill' since last Wednesday afternoon!
 Thank you again.

 Mark Dooling



I'm thankful for having met you and to have experienced your amazing Claritywork...IT works!  It has left me with a profound appreciation and acceptance of something I have 'known' for a long time now. That is, when I listen with my heart (feel it in my gut) rather than in my head, I am more in tune with myself, for each and every time I do my path miraculously straightens out and I am now more than ever ready and freer to follow it wherever it may lead. 

For me, attending the workshop prior to the session, helped me to first understand the process (via the workbook exercises, experience you and your work, and the opportunity to learn from others) provided me with a strong 'framework' on how best to approach my realign my focus entirely, freeing me from the continual circling round and round, getting nowhere....and staying stuck! 

Best wishes - and much thanks!

[a workshop participant and 1-hr. Claritywork client]



Although I had been struggling for a year with the pain, grief and guilt of ending a relationship, it was through my Claritywork session with Kathryn that I was finally able to fully process the feelings and move into the next phase of healing.  With incredible sensitivity and skill she guided me through a very specific and thorough series of exercises that finally enabled me to release the pain, suffering and feelings of stuckness, and to experience the profound relief and peace that is on the other side.  I felt very involved in my own healing, a component that was missing for me in other therapies I'd tried.  And as a result I have a feeling of great accomplishment and confidence that has stayed with me.  I am eternally grateful to Kathryn and feel blessed to have worked with her.  I have never felt this clear in my life.
-Lorelei Young, NY



My clarity work session with you was profound and deep and wonderfully disturbing and enlightening.  You helped me look into a mirror and face myself so that I could get out of the myopic state I was in.  You helped me see deep into my heart and face all the things I knew but couldn't face, all the things I'd learned through therapy and life but had somehow forgotten. You did this with tenderness, patience and acute precise listening. I'm profoundly grateful for the experience, for your love and support throughout the process.  I left with the quote "With no other light or guide than the one which burns in my heart" reverberating in my head feeling a sweet yet light exhaustion that comes from hard work and the clarity that evolved.  I still feel the lightness and remain centered.  Can you believe it?  Gracias!  

Raquel Ortiz, 2/2004




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