Being Clear, Being Well, Kathryn Deputat  

The Critic Within, Kathryn Deputat

from Thoughts are Things:  Chapter 3 - "Thought Currents," Prentice Mulford

Do What Feels Good & Find Freedom, Ineke Van Lint    



-Radio appearances on "Expanding Awareness" WZBC 90.3 FM

o  NEW!  Host Victor Robert Venckus interviews Kathryn about her new book, CLARITY NOW:  Simple Steps to Your Perfectly Clear Answer.  She shares the "Simple Steps" and more, including such topics as how and where to find your own answers to life questions, clearing past life influences,, life clues that point the Way, why affirmations don't work, how limiting beliefs can help you,  and how to create what you want instead of what you don't want..  60 mins.   Click here to listen 

o    In this 60-minute interview, Kathryn speaks about how to get clear and stay clear (incl. past-life patterns, trauma, environmental influences), the power of Reiki, the power of intention, and the power of Stonehenge.  She touches on her work as intermediary to the Life Force, and also how we can help the body heal itself.   Click here to listen 

 o    In this 60-minute interview, Kathryn speaks about how to free yourself from limiting patterns using the Inner Exploration Process, as well as unfolding your purpose and life direction, expressing your Genius, and more.  Click here to listen

 o    In this 60-minute interview, Kathryn speaks about Claritywork, the source and benefits of confusion, the clarifying process, and answers questions from listeners.  Click here to listen 

-Radio appearance with Coach DQ   

In this 45-minute interview, Kathryn speaks about Claritywork and the clarifying process, and outlines some simple steps to getting clear now.  Click here to listen

-Television appearance on AHA!  Covering topics ranging from love, abuse, cancer, and Reiki to trash, earthquakes, x-rated photographs, and ducks!  30 minutes, Michael Koran, host.  Click here to view


 NEW!  CLARITY NOW:  Simple Steps to Your Perfectly Clear Answer,  Kathryn Deputat

Freedom From the Known, J. Krishnamurti

Empowerment, John Randolph Price

This Thing Called You,  Ernest Holmes

The Edinburgh & Doré Lectures on Mental Science,  Thomas Troward

You Are Always Your Own Experience, Tom Johnson

It Works, R. H. Jarrett

Love's Way:  Reflections and Practices,  Kathryn Deputat


Boston Reiki Healing  - For clearing at the energetic level.  Claritywork and Reiki work well in combination, as each supports the work of the other.
Holistic Local - Join an active community that is uniting people who are passionate about holistic, green and positive living.  - Daily updated holistic news, a healers directory, alternative health forums and more! - For more information about Kathryn's new book and/or purchase a copy.
Harvard Book Store - Local (Boston -area), independent book seller of CLARITY NOW and much, much more!


Christine Tulis, Celtic harp.  Conducive to clarity and opening the heart.  Christine's long awaited debut recording "Portal" is now on sale. Please visit her website to order:  She is the Director of Sound Temple Music and Healing Arts based in Boulder, CO.



What the Bleep do we Know

The Secret  -  A little heavy on the "Hollywood," but the perennial, powerful message is there to be had.


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