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Claritywork is a work that I have been called to do.  I don't say this to mystify it; it is simply a fact.  When I am conducting a Clarity session, I know I am doing work I am here to do. 

Each session is unique, which
requires fluidity--in my listening, methods, skills, and techniques.  There is a basic structure to a session, but its content varies-- sometimes widely. I have been asked why I don't call this clairvoyance or clairaudience.  While I don't reject these terms, I don't need them to know:  what comes is clear.  What comes is true.  What comes is useful, and healing to the client.  Neither do I call myself a healer.  Yet clients arrive burdened, dark, lacking hope, and by the end of an hour or two or three or more, leave smiling and heartened, directed and clear:  full of light.

I feel deeply privileged to do this work. Through it, as in my work with writers for over 30 years, I am endlessly inspired by the exquisite shape, texture, and wisdom of the human heart and spirit. 

Each of us has a place and is here for a reason.  Should your inborn wisdom, your place, your reason ever elude you, allow me to put mine in service to its recovery


KATHRYN DEPUTAT's work with the Mind spans three decades. She draws on highly attuned listening and intuitive skills to assist those who seek to cultivate clear, authentic expression of body, mind, and spirit--in writing and in life.  She finds this process to be transformative, deeply moving, and a privilege to facilitate and witness. A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Wellesley College, ULC Minister, Reiki Master, and source of Love's Freeway, Kathryn's teaching, consulting and Reiki practices are based in Boston, though her clients hail from around the globe.  

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