Personal Charter of



Purpose and Mission


To clear the way and the name of Love*.


*Love = the Life Force, as expressed, for example, in these images.     


Core Values


          ~Conscious presence:  Being here now, awake to what is; living like there's no tomorrow.

          ~Fearlessness:  Choosing action and YES over "safety" and limitation.

          ~Authentic Self Expression:  Total, passionate, unapologetic expression of Self.

          ~Integrity:  Speaking impeccably, that is, saying what is meant and meaning what is said; honoring word as self.

          ~Communication:  Verbal, written, energetic expression, and impeccable listening/intuitive reception as access to 

             unbroken Unity and unstoppable Love.




          ~To bring my full capacities--intelligence, heart, spirit--to my leadership and all my endeavors.

          ~To be ever mindful of and grateful to Source.

          ~To be clear and cause (facilitate, inspire, manifest) clarity around me.

          ~To be a disruptive, unstoppable agent for Love having Its way in myself, others, and the World.

          ~To live joyfully alive and inspire joyful aliveness in others.

          ~To teach by model, method, and example.

          ~To speak the truth always.

          ~To listen to, create, and guide from Source.

          ~To walk the Earth gently, respectfully; to deliberately kill no living thing.

          ~To be a gift.

          ~To die happy.


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                                                                   Kathryn Deputat, Clarity Consultant