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I am a passionate voice and channel for the Life Force, which I call "Love," with a fierce commitment to its pure expression.  I call this unobstructed expression "Love having Its way."  Love's way with me has given rise to my life as writer, teacher/coach, Reiki and  Claritywork practitioner, and creator of the vehicle called Love's Freeway. Each of these has sprung from many years of deep listening and following (as per the Natalie Goldberg school), in combination with a background (study, training, practice) in psychology, metaphysics, Zen Buddhism, voice, and body-centered psychotherapy.  That combination produces in me and elicits in others an organic, authentic expression in all areas of life--"artistic" and otherwise.  


I practice and advocate an organic versus "brain spun" approach to writing.  We discover the subject matter, styles, and moods that pull us by listening and following.  You are the audience when your pen is moving, unhindered, across the page--just receiving and recording what Mind shows you.  You become, simply, scribe to the thoughts.  When this process is good, the product is good as well.  Exceptional receptivity, or presence--in amateur and expert alike--yields exceptional writing.  And exceptional writing will always find its place.

My 30+-year teaching and consulting practice is based in Boston, and I work by mail and/or phone or Skype with out-of-area writers. 




                 That was so long ago and besides

                 whatever you give over I will love.

                 So what

                 no one understands; I am free

                 after all

                 to fall and laughing

                 pick myself up

                 flawless and brilliant, I am

                 indestructible. It is safe now:


                   peacock feather

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